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Creature List
Creatures can be made for static or animatronic displays. Please select a section below and contact us for further information or alternative requirements.
3D Files Prehistoric Beasts Human Ancestors Fish & Marine Reptiles Dinosaurs & Early Reptiles
Pterasaurs & Early Birds Heads Only Dinosaurs Mammals & Birds Early Insects Early Creatures Plants
Name Size Cost For Static Cost For Animatronic Period
Dickinsonia10 cm£ 350- 
Charnidiscus40 cm£ 700- 
Anomolocaris1.0 m£ 2,000- 
Large Trilobite1.0 m£ 1,200- 
Small Trilobite6 cm£ 500- 
Ammonite Large(Diameter) 30 cm£ 1,000- 
Ammonite Small(Diameter) 10 cm£ 400- 
Spiggina £ 500- 
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