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Projects include:

  • Automata

    Crawley Creatures Ltd has created a number of automota for various museums and tourist attractions worldwide. Visitors gain much pleasure bringing an exhibit to life and the visitor centre benefits from the money generated.

    The latest installation is an 8-axis animatronic baby Allosaurus hatching in a nest of eggs on show at the Oxford University Museum. This coin-operated automaton performs a minute long show with sound and motion when coins are inserted. Video available here.

    Motion activated, randomly activated or looped automata can also be made on request.

  • Fight For Me

    Built and designed for an ITV pilot, these 2 giant jousting robotic rhinos competed against each other in an arena. Linear actuators, ET-R motors, magnets and hydraulic hoses all made up these 2 incredible robots. Using remote controls, 2 families battled it out Robot Wars style!

  • US Porton Head

    An early computer controlled testing platform produced to design the integrity of respirator seals when manipulated by realistic mouth and facial movements. The headform is fully compatible with a digital breathing machine to enhance the testing capability of the system.

    i-bodi Technology Ltd is our subsidiary company which provides intelligent robotic solutions for military, industry, first responder and government organisations. i-bodi have upgraded the original US Porton Head design to improve the durability of the device extending the hardware loading capability of the system to armoured CBRN helmets.

    i-bodi specialises in developing products from customer defined specifications, with particular experience in computer controlled platforms (headforms and full size articulated, carbon composite mannequins) for evaluating respirator and protective clothing in chemically challenging environments.

    For further details please visit the i-bodi website:

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