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Insect Store

Welcome to our new insect store!

We currently have a large amount of insect models in stock, available for museum displays, scenery enhancement, or model hobbyists. You can either build an order of insects you wish to purchase on this page, or take a look at our ebay listings here.

01Dragonfly45 mm£1.00
02Dragonfly40 mm£1.00
03Dragonfly45 mm£1.00
04Dragonfly55 mm£1.00
05Bug50 mm£1.00
06Bug75 mm£1.00
07Bug55 mm£1.00
08Wood Wasp45 mm£1.00
09Cicada95 mm£1.00
10Grasshopper85 mm£1.00
11Grasshopper80 mm£1.00
12Grasshopper80 mm£1.00
13Grasshopper85 mm£1.00
14Centpede170 mm£1.00
15Centipede140 mm£1.00
16Scorpion100 mm£1.00
17Scorpion100 mm£1.00
18Scorpion75 mm£1.00
19Beetle30 mm£1.00
20Beetle35 mm£1.00
21Beetle35 mm£1.00
22Beetle55 mm£1.00
23Beetle80 mm£1.00
24Large Ant60 mm£1.00
25Wood Beetle70 mm£1.00
26Mantis90 mm£1.00
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